The Buddhi Boxx Story

Alisa Reynolds

Buddhi Boxx Co-owner


I got my first desk job at age 37. After a couple of decades doing various types of work that let me move around most of the time, I settled into a comfy technical support job at a software company.  In this job, I fell in love with computer work. During the three years at my desk job, I noticed a quick and large decline in multiple dimensions of well being.

As a response, I doubled up on my yoga, finished a yoga teacher certification program, and really studied my body and mind, at the desk, from a yogic perspective. The capacity for floor sitting and a floor sitting practice emerged as a way to resolve many wellness issues associated with long-term desk work.

Floor sitting is a movement practice deserving of the title fitness activity. Floor sitting can also be a mindfulness activity. And floor sitting can be an energetic balancing activity. From a yogic perspective these three things suggest that… wait for it…

It may actually be possible to improve wellness during desk work.

And Buddhi Boxx – Desk Wellness Company was born. We invent ways to make the most variety in movement and types of sitting possible. We have invented the world’s first floor sitting to standing desk which allows us to integrate yogic or fitness practices into our desk day unlike any other furniture on the market. All furniture is designed and built to be easy to assemble and to last a long long time.

Buddhi Boxx co-owner Sherri Knight and myself are out to cause a paradigm shift in our cultural understanding of wellness in the desk space.

See Sherri and watch a video about the Standing Flamingo desk below.

Sherri Knight

Sherri has been behind the scenes supporting Buddhi Boxx from day 1. 

Buddhi Boxx Co-owner

This is a short video of Alisa at work building a Standing Flamingo desk at SLO Makerspace.