The Buddhi Boxx Difference:

Regular standing desks allow for 2 options – standing up and sitting in a chair.

  • Long-term chair sitting weakens legs and back, and shortens hip flexor muscles – causing major structural changes to hip, legs, back and neck, strength, and mobility, which can have serious consequences on vitality and wellbeing.
  • Standing in one place at a desk for too long results in the knee and ankle joints supporting the weight of the entire body in a repetitive way. It can also result in long-term decrease in hip flexibility.


By design, the rest of the standing desks on the market cannot go much lower than a height appropriate for chair sitting during work.

Have a look at the screen-shot I took after Googling “standing desks”:


What most standing desks have in common is that they stop about halfway down. Some are designed to sit on a desk or tabletop and could be moved to the floor and used on the floor – but they weren’t necessarily made for that and who knows how they will stand up… no pun intended.

In contrast: Buddhi Boxx desk furniture was designed from the very start, by a certified yoga instructor, to include all body postures in desk work.

Why just sit or stand when you can:


Being at work at our desk furniture is also different in ways that are harder to show:

  • We are advocates of active conscious mind-body desking.
  • We suggest integrating breath, asana, bandha, cardio, and weight-bearing activities into the desk day.
  • We consider heart opening breath to be an especially important part of our doing work that makes the world work.
  • We design furniture with this in mind. We leave no stone unturned in the quest for a desk life that actually improves wellness.

Where a regular standing desk takes us a step closer Buddhi Boxx desk furniture takes us beyond a step closer to beginning to prove that it is actually possible to improve our wellness during desk time. Could our desk life be a place to cultivate effective movement and wellness practices? I mean… we are going to be spending so much time there anyway!