The Standing Flamingo Desk

A desk for people who like to move.

The Standing Flamingo Desk supports the following movement:

  • Floor sitting

  • Standing

  • Kneeling

  • Squatting

  • Desk Yoga

  • Mindful sitting

  • Hip work

  • Belly work

  • Breath work

… during desk work.

Imagine what we can create when our desk work is touched by mind nourishing movement.

Floor sitting is a fitness activity.

All bones, muscles, soft tissue, and organs get involved with floor sitting.

It takes effort and practice to sit in a balanced and grounded way on the floor.

Through a floor sitting practice we improve:

  • Leg Flexibility

    – our legs from toe tips to hip have to consent to floor sitting. Many of us have to take time and practice to teach our bodies to floor sit again.

  • Hip flexibility

    – once we feel our sitting bones make contact with the floor we can find our center and practice releasing the hips in a way that empowers a strong posture.

  • Core strength

    – Our core strength combines with our hip and leg flexability to help the seated body distribute weight properly forward and back, left and right, to cented the spine properly above the grounded sits bones.

  • Body awareness

    – during floor sitting regular contact with ground and a more genuine relationship with gravity facilitiates a strong mind<>body communication system.

  • Mindful sitting

    – a nice solid relationship to ground, from which the posture may arise, ignites the subtle body communication channels for a great mind<>breath<>body experience.

  • Variety

    – there are easily 100 ways to sit, kneel, squat, stand, or sit at the Standing Flamingo Desk.

It’s time for a paradigm shift for desk work.

We don’t already know exactly what impact adding all the benefits of multiple postures and movement opportunity can have on our desk work. We do know that it’s time that we try something new. We know constant standing and/or chair sitting are not sustainable. The Standing Flamingo desk is a structure designed to begin to explore what else is possible.

Once we have integrated movement, self care, breath work, and body work into our desk lives, will the capacity and efficiency of our work improve? Will we be able to avoid the health risks associated with too much stationary desk time? Will our lives improve?

The Standing Flamingo is the most adaptive desk on the planet. Additional shelves, seating elements, and accessories are available to ensure your desk space empowers extraordinary productivity, efficiency, and creativity.

Your Standing Flamingo will be handcrafted just for you in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Assemble in 15 minutes with a cordless screwdriver.

Buddhi Boxx’s mission is to produce brand and products that empower our desk workers to solve the most pressing issues of our time. We need our work to work well.

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