Our wellbeing is integral to the quality of work we do and the quality of our lives outside of work.

Desk work is an important part of many of our lives. Buddhi Boxx products are unique in design and function. They are designed to “lower the desk” and “raise the floor” so people have options like floor sitting, kneeling, and squatting during desk work.

When we add floor sitting, kneeling, meditation bench sitting, squatting, Buddhi Boxx sitting, crouching, chair sitting, and standing to the possible ways to physically occupy the desk space we add a great deal of adaptation opportunity.

Desk work is in our lives to stay. Buddhi Boxx furniture is the most adaptive desk furniture on the planet. It’s designed to empower us to find ways to enjoy desk work without ruining our bodies. Integrating ground, mindfulness, breath, sitting, and yoga is completely unique to Buddhi Boxx Desk Wellness Products.

No other standing desk also adjusts down to the floor. No other desk chair effectively “raises the floor” with flat platform seating.

Buddhi Boxx desk products are designed to empower great work.

Buddhi Boxx products are designed to be space for body awareness, self-care, and movement. No other desk furniture has 100% focus on making space for the user to work with all dimensions of wellness. Too much stationary work impacts mind, body, and spirit. We are reinventing the desk space to include a focus on wellbeing by nature of design.

The world’s most adaptable work spaces!

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