Our wellbeing is integral to the quality of work we do. 

The quality of work we do is integral to the quality of lives we lead.

Buddhi Boxx products are unique in design and function. They are designed to “lower the desk” and “raise the floor” so people have options like floor sitting, kneeling, squatting, and raised seated yoga, (in addition to standing or chair sitting) during desk work.

Our designs add the greatest possible postural adaptation opportunity of any office furniture on the market.

Desk work is in our lives to stay. We artfully designed our workspaces to empower people to find ways to adapt and stay well during sedentary work.

Integrating the opportunity for grounding, mindfulness, breath, sitting work, and desk yoga is completely unique to Buddhi Boxx Desk office products.

Buddhi Boxx desk products are designed to empower great work.

Buddhi Boxx products are designed to be space for body awareness, self-care, breath work, and movement. Our designs focus on making space for the user to stay connected to all 8 dimensions of wellness.

Designed for adaptation.

As the designs of our work lives change we have a choice to either meet the changes where they are, and do what we can to adapt as our new needs arise, or we can continue on as we always have.

We humans are not meant to stay in one posture for long stretches – either sitting or standing. We were meant to move! Yoga is an example of effectively using a small amount of movement in a small space to improve health and wellness. Yoga is an adaptive practice as it informs us about our bodies’ needs and gives us a way to respond. A desk yoga practice is a profoundly simple and highly effective solution.

Who knows where this will lead?

The idea of taking steps to protect our wellness in our desk workspace could actually be quite revolutionary. We have plenty of research that demonstrates that sedentary work is costly in terms of health and expenses related to degrading health. What we don’t have is research that tells us exactly what impact those health expenses have on our capacities for doing our greatest work.

At Buddhi Boxx we believe that if each of us contributes our greatest expression of work it will amount to enough for us all to look after our personal, family, community, and planet’s needs. That is the original meaning or purpose of work for us right? To take care of our lives and our families and communities?

We know that movement, breath work, and mindfulness practices help solve countless health and wellness issues. Finding out how self-care with movement, breath, and mindfulness practices will impact the quality and capacity of our desk work is a very worthy endeavor.

We believe it could be quite revolutionary. We are very curious where it could lead.

Begin your desk wellness revolution now.

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